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September 21, 2011

Obama Tells World Peace is Hard; Lifts Undeniable Truth of Life #4; Proposes Mideast Shoe Exchange
Our brilliant intellectual president gives another speech.
1987Rush's Undeniable Truths of Life
State-Run Media Finally Realizes Moderates Have Rejected Obama
Establishment Republicans Want to Redefine the Term "Conservative"
A little Inside Baseball on a project of the GOP elite.
On Texas and Presidential Politics
The immigration issue and winning the presidency.
A Grateful NY-9 Turner Volunteer
Former Democrat helped send a message to the left.

New Two If By Tea Promotion:
Win a Delivery from Rush Revere!
Mr. and Mrs. Limbaugh will come to your house.
Alfred E. Neuman Goes to the UN
Barry waves and obscures Mongolian leader's face.

Full Size Photo: Obama and World Leaders at UN
Obama Wages War on Middle Class
He claims to be fighting for you, but he's destroying you.
Journalists Ignore Obama Scandals
Solyndra, LightSquared, Fast and Furious -- more.
Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page
» Solyndra Execs Given Time by GOP, Will Take the Fifth
» Bill Clinton Blasts Republican Candidates on Climate
» Algore Leaks New Apple iPhone Release Date
» Bernanke Gooses Stock Market for Obama Reelect

We Must End Baseline Budgeting
Whoever controls the language controls the debate.
Chicago Trib Lib: Obama Must Go
Democrats want Mrs. Clinton to replace him in 2012.
New EIB Obama Parody: If You Love Me
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