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RUSH 24/7 Dittocam Help and Instructions

Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Dittocam help page. Our special full motion video camera will be used occasionally by Rush during the radio program, so that you can see America's Majority Maker creating broadcast excellence. Because the Dittocam uses streaming technology, your computer must meet certain standards in order for the video to work properly.

Most people already listening to the radio program have all of the equipment they need. However, if you have problems, please first consult the links below for troubleshooting.

Windows Media Dittocam
Using the Windows Media Dittocam requires that you have installed Windows Media Player Version 7 or higher. This is available for both Windows and Macintosh. Earlier versions of Windows Media Player are not supported.

To read the Windows Media System Requirements from Microsoft, click here.

To read the Macintosh Windows Media System requirements from Microsoft, click here.

How to use the Dittocam:

First, close any media player you may have open. This is an important step. Then, click the Dittocam link. Your Windows Media player will open, and will make a connection with our servers. This will take 15-20 seconds. At the end of this time, the streamed video of Rush, and the audio of the radio program will stream automatically via your Dittocam window. Please remember that the show audio will play… if Rush leaves the Dittocam on through a profit center timeout, you will hear the profit center commercials. You cannot have two media players open at the same time, or they may conflict with each other. If your Dittocam does not appear to be connecting, this is by far the most common reason.

To make the Dittocam video fill your monitor choose "Full Screen" under the "View" tab of Windows Media Player.

Streaming Video uses a lot of bandwidth and computer power: One video stream takes up the equivalent of 5 audio streams. We've selected a transmission rate and image size that will allow the greatest number of people to watch the stream.
Frequently Reported Problems...

1. You get an error message indicating that you do not have or your computer cannot find the software needed for the type of file you are trying to access.

This normally means that you do not have a properly installed and configured player for the kind of stream you are attempting to access. Download the player from one of the above links, and then carefully follow the installation instructions. It isn’t enough to just download the player… you also have to install it, or it will not work.

2. The player tries to make a connection, but either does not show the video at all, or stutters, stopping and starting again.

Two possible causes. The most likely is that your modem is not fast enough to access streaming video. The minimum supported modem for streaming video is 56k. If your modem is slower than this, it may work some or all of the time, or it may not, depending on the speed of your computer and your ISP.

Even if your modem is 56k, streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth, and some ISPs may have so much traffic that they cannot deliver the needed bandwidth continuously. Unlike general web surfing, accessing streaming video requires continuous bandwidth… even a brief interruption may cause you to lose the video stream. If it happens repeatedly, please contact your ISP for technical support.

3. Any other common streaming problems I may encounter with the Dittocam?

Well, sometimes. Streaming requires that the Internet connection between our computer and yours be free of “traffic jams.” The Internet isn’t a direct pipeline from our computer to yours. Our streamed content passes through many other computers along the way, and these computers are outside our control. If any of them is carrying too much other traffic, our streamed content may be slowed down. If you are listening or watching our content, and it suddenly stops for a few seconds, then returns, this may be why.

If the problem is bad enough, you may even lose the signal completely, and get an error message. If that happens, go back to the Dittocam page, and press the link again. We use a very sophisticated system capable of delivering streamed content all over the World at once, and monitor it 24 hours a day.

4. What can I do to have the best chance of getting a good quality video stream?

A. First, close all unnecessary applications and windows running on your computer. Just keep your web browser and your media player open. If you have an adapter at your wall jack to let you plug a regular phone into the same outlet as your computer, it is a good idea to take it off when you want to stream. It can cause a loss of quality. Finally, if there is a lot of noise
on your phone line, you may want to have the phone company visit. Many service packages include “inside wire maintenance,” and you may be able to have the quality of your connection improved.

5. I have a problem you haven’t addressed here. Am I out of luck?

A. Not at all! Just send us an an email. You will receive assistance by email from an audio engineer, usually within 24 hours.

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