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November 24, 2010
Story #1: Woman Claims She was Fired for Being Too Hot

RUSH: Another woman is suing some company for firing her because she's too hot, and she said she was told that her big breasts are a distraction to people in the office, nothing to do with the TSA here.  I saw a picture of the woman who claims that she's too hot.  Well, I mean, to each his own.  There are people who think the guy in the bowling alley in the two-tone green leisure suit looks good.  It takes all kinds and if you have enough confidence to think you're hot and getting fired because your boobs are too big and a distraction, more power to you. 

Story #2: Groups Sue EPA Over Lead Ammo, Fishing Tackle

RUSH: "Three environmental groups sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday to force it to prevent lead poisoning of wildlife from spent ammunition and lost fishing tackle.  The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court by the Center for Biological Diversity, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and the hunters group Project Gutpile. It comes after the EPA denied their petition to ban lead ammunition and lead fishing tackle, which the groups say kills 10 million to 20 million birds and other animals a year by lead poisoning."

Ten to 20 million birds and other animals a year dead from lead poisoning.  Have you seen the bodies?  Have you ever seen the body of a dead pelican that died of natural causes?  When you're traversing the woods, do you see the dead body of a bird?  Do you see it?  I asked myself this once long ago. I have never seen this. I've never found the carcass of anything that died of natural causes.  Now, if you're out there hunting and you shoot something, obviously you're gonna see it, but walking through the woods on the way to Grandma's house or whatever you're doing out there, I have never seen it.  I've always been mesmerized.  Animals, when they die, they know it, and they seek refuge, they do things that we don't understand. 

But 10 to 20 million birds dead due to lead poisoning because of fishing tackle and spent ammunition.  It made me wonder, how did the Pilgrims, how did the early Americans, how did the Indians, how did the Native Americans prosper in this country without OSHA making sure the work environment was safe, without a Department of Natural Resources providing them licenses to hunt and fish?  Do you realize the Native Americans and Pilgrims just went out there and they started shooting?  They didn't have gun licenses. They didn't do like John Kerry, go to Iowa and say, (imitating Kerry) "Can I get me a hunting license here?"  They just went out there and fired.  They just went out and fished, didn't have to ask permission.  How did they prosper without the EPA giving them permits to build fires and making sure that waste was disposed of properly?  How did this happen?  How did our ancestors get by?  There was no EPA. There was no OSHA. No Department of Natural Resources.  The FDA was not there to inspect the food that they did prepare for themselves. 

How did they survive?  And who knows, when people got sick, you go to the medicine man in the Indian tribe and he whips up a concoction, gives it to you, your kid or whatever, without FDA approval.  How did this happen and how did these people survive without all of these wonderful government bureaucracies looking out for them?  And where was the Fish and Wildlife Service back then issuing permits and licenses so people could run their businesses of trading extra food?  I mean they didn't eat all they produced.  They had to do something with it, sell it, give it away, cross state lines.  I mean who was there to police any of this?  And last, but not least, despite all this, how did they get along without any community organizers?  Do you ever ask yourself that?  Probably not.  That's why I'm hosting, you're listening.  But how many Pilgrims, how many Native Americans got by without professional community organizers? 

And finally, this.  If the indigenous people's lifestyle, the Native Americans' lifestyle was so great, why are we punishing tobacco use?  They're the ones who turned us onto the stuff in the West Indies and down in Cuba.  They were at one with nature.  So these are the kind of questions I have.  I just don't know how anybody survived without all of these government bureaucracies and agencies doing the best they can to look out for us and look out for the animals.  You know, back in the old days, when the Pilgrims were running around shooting Bambi and turkey, who was looking out to make sure they didn't overkill?  I think they did it on their own, except the Indians kinda lost track with the buffalo now and then, but they somehow got by without all these agencies.  It's amazing, isn't it?

Story #3: Greedy College Students Still Demanding Freebies

RUSH: "Thousands of British students protested Wednesday against government plans to triple university tuition fees, and there were sporadic scuffles with police, two weeks after a similar demonstration sparked a small riot. ... College and university students across the country held marches and sit-ins to oppose the decision to increase university fees to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) a year, a key plank in the government's deficit-cutting austerity measures.  In central London, the university students and younger pupils in school uniforms marched from Trafalgar Square toward the Houses of Parliament, chanting 'no ifs, no buts, no education cuts.'"  Well, the chant is this:  "No money, honey, pay it for yourself."  The money isn't here.  I'm not as upset by it as I was two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago this really set me off, as you who were here might remember.  All these people running around begging for everybody else to pay for things.  It doesn't bother me as much today, but the protests are continuing. 

Story #4: Common Man Obama Has a Live-In Pastry Chef

RUSH: President Obama has a live-in pastry chef, but he was in Kokomo, Indiana the other day and he went to a bakery, the Gingerbread House Bakery.  He ordered pumpkin rolls, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters and doughnuts.  The president had his daughters with him, Malia and Sasha, and he said that he and his daughters typically don't have dessert during the week but with Thanksgiving just two days away, he said, "You've got to splurge a little bit."  So he bought all the stuff, even though he's got a pastry chef in the White House.  He doesn't get to use the pastry chef because Michelle's in there making sure the pastry chef doesn't work. 

Story #5: San Francisco Bans Toys from Delicious Happy Meals

RUSH: "San Francisco lawmakers have voted to override Mayor Gavin Newsom's veto and to pass a law prohibiting fast-food restaurants from including toys with children's meals that do not meet nutritional guidelines.  The city's Board of Supervisors gave the measure final approval with an 8-3 vote on Tuesday. It goes into effect in December 2011.  The ordinance prohibits toy giveaways in fast-food children's meals that have more than 640 milligrams of sodium, 600 calories or 35 percent of their calories from fat." No toys in such meals. 

Story #6: Michelle Obama Graciously Allows Nation to Eat Pie

RUSH: What, Mr. Snerdley? Well, yes, Michelle Obama has given permission to all of us to eat pie.  I've got it in a story.  Michelle Obama has granted permission for all of us to totally forget anything she says about eating 'cause it's Thanksgiving.  It's okay tomorrow to go ahead and have pie.  It was in her interview with Barbara Walters.  It's Thanksgiving, eat whatever you want.  But on Friday you gotta get back to what Michelle says you have to do. 

Story #7:
Thank You, Mark Steyn! (Are You Happy, Elaine?)

RUSH:  I got an e-mail.  "Dear Rush:  It occurred to me this Monday when you came back that you did not thank Mark Steyn for hosting for you.  As a matter of fact, I can't ever remember you ever thanking anybody who subs for you.  You're a better person than that.  They're doing you a favor and I'm sure would appreciate a public thank-you."  This is from Elaine Beck. 

I routinely thank these guest hosts, and Elaine, they get paid, which is one of the largest thank-you's that anyone could give someone.  And they are invited back.  And they are promoted as going to be here when I'm gone.  Tremendous gratitude is shown.  How many of them now have their own shows out there all across the fruited plain?  Do they thank me?  I wouldn't know because I don't listen. (asking Snerdley) Do they thank me?  Most of the guest hosts thank me.  Well, that's as it should be.

Story #8: Rangel "Bundles" on 61° Day to Hand Out Turkeys

RUSH: This is from the subscriber e-mail at Rush 24/7, the website.  "Dear Rush:  For the first time since I have been listening to you in the eighties, I'm turning you off today.  I'll be back when you're on a subject you know something about."  This is Duane.  I can only guess what has Duane riled up.  I will admit the Thanksgiving stories that we've had today probably skew to the harsh, probably took you in a direction you weren't expecting to go, things you didn't expect to learn, and perhaps even viewpoints that you certainly didn't expect to be exposed to.  So let me take this e-mail and use it as a lesson.  I want to transfer now to more heartwarming Thanksgiving stories, to celebrate the wonderfulness of the day.  A heartwarming story about Thanksgiving, the kind of thing that we can never get enough of, the kind of stories that just make us all feel better inside.  It's a story from the New York Times. 

"On Tuesday, Representative Charles B. Rangel seemed almost willfully upbeat as he strode into his old Harlem political club to hand out turkeys to needy constituents, a Thanksgiving ritual that allowed him to speak publicly about something other than his political future. If only for a moment.  'I’m putting today in front of me,' Mr. Rangel told reporters curbside at 128th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, as dozens of bundled-up and mostly elderly women -- the lucky holders of about 120 tickets that were given out by several community groups -- waited inside for the congressman to start loading their grocery carts,' with the freebie turkeys.  Now, for the record it was 61 degrees in New York on Tuesday, but bundled up makes for a nicer sounding story and for people in great need, bundled up inside on a 61-degree day. 

Rangel said, "These people here are not the least bit concerned about anything but how they’re going to get their families together on Thanksgiving.  It just seems to me that I have a moral obligation to take care of them -- and then, when I get to Washington, take care of me." At least he's honest about it. He wants to take care of himself.  And who can deny he's done that over the decades?  He-he-he-he.  "Inside the political club, as photographers captured his forced smiles, Mr. Rangel loudly took charge, herding recipients toward the free groceries and whistling with two fingers to clear a path to the door. For about 20 minutes, he handed out 18-pound Butterballs -- donated by the nearby Fairway supermarket, a club member said -- and bags of fixings, accepting heartfelt thank-yous."  So he didn't give them away, a grocery store did.  Well, he handed them out, yeah, but you have to dig deep here to find out there's a grocery store that donated the turkeys, and under what circumstances did that happen? 

So I love these heartwarming stories.  Here's a congressman who just got censured for all kinds of depravity and corruption and so forth, great example here of Democrat ward healing politics at its worst and an indictment of the low state of politics in our bluest cities and states.  Here's a congressman who is found by his peers to be corrupt and censured, given the max punishment, shaking down a neighborhood grocery store so he can hand out turkeys in front of reporters from the New York Times.  Apparently putting his woes behind him and making sure he's taking care of the freezing, bundled-up old ladies inside on a 61-degree day.  That's the kind of heartwarming Thanksgiving story I like to see and I love sharing with you. 

"Aides choreographed it to look like a spontaneous show of support; Mr. Rangel called the turnout 'a very pleasant surprise.' But the stagecraft suggested a calling-in of debts." This is in the New York Times.  That's in the story.  But you have to dig deep to get to that.  The New York Times did their best to take the heartwarming out of the story.  But you have to dig deep.  Now, full disclosure, Fairway advertises on the Rush Limbaugh show in New York on our flamethrower affiliate AM 77 WABC.  We love 'em, and they do great community work here, and they even let the congressman hand out the stuff.  One hundred and twenty Butterballs, 120 18-pound Butterballs, plus the turkeys.

By the way, folks, it is Thanksgiving.  I might have been a little unkind to Congressman Charlie Rangel in reporting his heartwarming Thanksgiving story, handing out 120 18-pound Butterball turkeys donated by Fairway to bundled-up constituencies of his on a 61-degree day in Harlem.  Now, the New York Times piece, they don't quite go all the way in praising Mr. Rangel, and I want to give him credit.  At least he gave the turkeys out instead of keeping them for himself.  There are other members of Congress who are wont to keep such donations for themselves and their staff, but Congressman Rangel gave away the donated turkeys to his constituents, and for that we give him a hand here at the EIB Network. 

Story #9: Color-Coded Terror Threat System to be Phased Out

RUSH:  I see they're finally going to get rid of the color-coded threat, warning system.  When I first encountered the color-coded threat system I worked at a radio station in Pittsburgh, WIXZ.  It was actually in McKeesport.  WIXZ "salted rot and mold."  It's an oldies format.  That's all it was.  I got in trouble there for playing Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones more times than the play list rotation permitted.  That's the kind of thing they looked out for there.  They studied whether or not deejays were not following the play list rotation.  At any rate, we had a general manager there who was obsessed with brevity on the part of the disk jockeys, and so he came up with a traffic system that was color-coded, and the radio station actually printed a color-coded card that we gave away as a promotion to drivers.  All we were to say in the morning drive show is that, "Fort Pitt Tunnel is yellow."

Instead of giving details of the traffic and what the delays were, we were supposed to say yellow, and the driver, the commuter was then to consult the card that we have given out to translate what I was saying with yellow or red or green or brown or what have you, whatever the situation was, which I always thought was maybe risky, we're asking our listeners to take their eyes off the road to consult our color-coded traffic card, which had our call letters on it.  See, that was the brilliance, it had our call letters on it.  It would remind them what station they were listening to.  I kid you not, folks.  So of course I got in trouble making fun of this (laughing) 'cause I said, "We don't have enough colors here to handle all the variations."  So I started mixing the colors.  I said, "We got a combination of red and yellow out there, and that's brown, and you know what that means.  You are in a heap of trouble if you head this way," and it was not appreciated, because it was not brief.  I was expanding on the color-coded system.  Those were the kind of things that we had to do. 

So I see here that we are going to cancel the color-coded threat level system, and we're gonna replace it with G, PG, PG-14, R, and X.  (laughing)  The threat level is now what you're gonna face at the checkpoint when you -- (laughing) -- head to the airport.  No, we are getting rid of the color-coded system.  I don't know what we're gonna replace it with, but they've decided to get rid of it.  'Cause it's been, what, orange for a couple years, three years?  I mean after a while it loses its -- now, I remember in the early days Fox had a constant crawl up there, threat level yellow, whatever it was, and I didn't know what it was.  They had to put text behind it tell me what the threat level yellow was, and it was elevated.  I didn't have card.  They forgot to pass out the card to me so I couldn't translate the colors. 

Story #10: Tough Crowd Today: Rush Called a Caricature

RUSH: I got an e-mail here that I want to read you from the public e-mail account,  It's from Rich.  "Your show, sir, has become a joke, especially today.  You have become a caricature of yourself.  There's nothing left."  (laughing)  Tough crowd today.  Tough crowd today.  Well, let's forge ahead here, nevertheless. Apparently the audience is fleeing the program in droves today, so before all of you are gone for one reason or another, let's talk about golf and then football, and maybe if we have time we'll get to the real story of Thanksgiving, which you probably all know anyway because everybody has stolen it from me over the last 20 years.  But still there's nothing better than the original. 

Story #11:
History Channel to Air Myth of "Real" Thanksgiving

RUSH: By the way, as a warning: The History Channel tonight is re-airing what they're calling "The Real History of Thanksgiving," which is the usual incorrect information. That's on the History Channel.  And, by the way, just as a side note: Women were not allowed to vote when the Pilgrims arrived.  I just thought I would throw it in. 

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