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October 20, 2010
Story #1: Maryland Governor Calls Illegals "New Americans"

RUSH: All right, this Martin O'Malley thing is great.  It gets even better.  The headline alone:  "Maryland’s Democratic Governor Calls Illegal Immigrants 'New Americans' -- Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, in his first televised debate with Republican challenger Bob Ehrlich, repeatedly referred to people who come to this country illegally as 'new Americans' on Monday night.  In response to a question, O’Malley called illegal immigration 'a huge challenge for our country' and he said the federal government needs to 'do a better job' of enforcing the nation’s borders.  He called on Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform 'so that people who are here can apply for citizenship, obey the law, and pay their taxes and live in the full light and openness and transparency of our American society. I do not believe, as the former governor (Ehrlich) has said before, that multiculturalism is bunk,' O’Malley continued."

Well, Angela Merkel does, and the Brits soon will.  They've lost it.  They've lost their country.  Angela Merkel is trying to save hers.  Multiculturalism is ripping this country's heart out.  That's just me.  Back to O'Malley: "I believe that we are a multicultural people and a multicultural country."  Wrong.  There is, was, a distinct American culture.  It's what differentiated this country from any other.  Immigrants melded.  They assimilated to that culture, happily, gladly, they wanted to be Americans.  They did not immigrate here to undermine this country.  They came here to become Americans, not multicultural.  The failures started touting the multicultural curriculum because they couldn't succeed in this new culture, felt resentful and mad, and for a host of other reasons began their curricula, which is destructive by design and on purpose. 

O'Malley said, "I believe that we are a multicultural people and a multicultural country, and from many comes one strong nation. And I also believe that we should not blame new Americans for the problems that our country is going through right now. It’s wrong."  This is where it gets good.  "New Americans did not drive Wall Street into a ditch." Nobody is saying they did.  "New Americans did not have regulators look the other way while credit markets were crashed and driven into the ground with false vehicles for investment." No, the Democrats did that, Mr. O'Malley.  Barney Frank and Chris Dodd authored that, along with Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, Mr. O'Malley.  Nobody ever said illegal immigrants did this.  He then continued, "New Americans did not get us into a series of unfunded wars that have driven up debt."  Nobody ever said they did.  "I believe we’re all in this together -- we’ve got to find a better solution to our immigration challenge," but don't try anything old Americans won't, we're not going to put up with that. 

Ehrlich responded: "'American is a pro-immigrant country.'  The current debate should be about 'a singular American culture -- capitalism, equal opportunity, unlimited opportunity. That’s what we should be engaged in,' he said.  'Why should we pretend laws don’t count?'  Ehrlich asked. 'Drivers’ license laws count. In-state tuition laws count. Taxpayer dollars count. Enforcing the law counts.'" Why should it not count in this case?  And if O'Malley was to be honest in an answer, "Because we need them to vote for us."  "Ehrlich said the situation in Arizona is out of control because both Republican and Democratic administrations have failed the country, the taxpayer and 'our way of life.'"

Story #2: Threat: Mexican Cartels Beef Up US Presence

RUSH: From San Diego, this a Washington Post story:  "When a major Mexican drug cartel opened a branch office here on the California side of the border, U.S. authorities tapped into its cellphones - then listened, watched and waited. Their surveillance effort captured more than 50,000 calls over six months, conversations that reached deep into Mexico and helped build a sprawling case against 43 suspects -- including Mexican police and top officials -- allegedly linked to a savage trafficking ring known as the Fernando Sanchez Organization."  Are these the new Americans, Mr. O'Malley?  Are these the new Americans that you're talking about?  "U.S. law enforcement officials say the most worrisome thing about the Fernando Sanchez Organization was how aggressively it moved to set up operations in the United States, working out of a San Diego apartment it called 'The Office.' ... The Fernando Sanchez Organization's San Diego venture functioned almost like a franchise, prosecutors say, giving the group greater control over lucrative smuggling routes and drug distribution networks north of the border." Mr. O'Malley, are these the new Americans that you're talking about?  Are these the new Americans, Mr. O'Malley, that you so eagerly tell us we should violate the law for? 

Story #3: Toilet Shortage Could Clog Comedy Central Rallies

RUSH: You know, Comedy Central got Jon Stewart out there and Stephen Colbert and they're having a couple of rallies on October 30th.  Stewart's is Restore Sanity, and Colbert's is the March to Keep Fear Alive.  There's a problem.  By the way, the story indicates that they are expecting 65,000 people, 65,000 expected attendees.  This is not good.  This is in response to the Beck rally, everybody is talking about that being over 500,000, now, these guys claim they're gonna get 65,000.  But the big problem is there aren't any port-o-potties, the Marines have snatched 'em all up for a marathon.  "Comedy Central organizers are having a hard time finding port-o-potties for their rallies to take place in a week and a half, after the Marine Corps Marathon planners snatched up about 800 of them for the same weekend. ...  The organizers have asked the marathon staff to share the portable toilets with their 65,000 expected attendees."

That would be embarrassing if that's all that shows up, with all of this pre-pub, with all of this ramp-up, with all of the Drive-By Media support, 65,000?  I mean Arianna Huffington has chartered $250,000 worth of buses to transport freeloaders free of charge to these rallies.  Sixty-five thousand?  "But the Marines aren't budging -- they plan to lock the toilets until the morning of their race the day after, they tell the New York Times. The National Park Service requires portable toilets for events expected to exceed capacity of 'comfort facilities' on NPS property, according to a department document. They recommend one toilet for every 300 people." And there aren't any.  The Marines have snatched them up.  Actually, this could be helpful.  The attendees at the Stewart and Colbert rallies can go ahead and crap in their pants as practice for what's going to happen on Election Day.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, I actually believe that every network ought to televise these rallies on every channel.  I can't think of anything better to get out Tea Party votes -- by that I mean the everyday, ordinary American voter -- than by being mocked by a bunch of stupid-and-smug-about-it, overpaid, metrosexual comedians and whoever their guests are.  I think that would be a great thing to get voter turnout, these rallies where they don't have enough port-o-potties.  

Story #4: What Would Casanova Have Said to Maureen Dowd?

RUSH: You know, Maureen Dowd had this column Sunday in the New York Times that was just incoherent.  It was about these mean Republican women, and it led people to openly (they've been privately speculating) say, "What happened to Maureen?  What went wrong?"  And of course I, your host, El Rushbo, know precisely what happened.  I know who did it, I know how it happened, I know what the reason for it was, and I can't say because I have manners. I'm not gonna give you any of the details, but I know precisely what happened to Maureen Dowd.  It actually is a shame, in a way.  But regardless, she's back.  She has a column out there today, her latest screed -- and I'm only gonna mention this to you because the first lines raise a good question to my mind.  The title of Maureen's column today is: "Making Ignorance Chic."  Hears how it begins: "Casanova's rule for seduction was to tell a beautiful woman she was intelligent and an intelligent woman that she was beautiful." Now, the question obviously is: "What on earth would Casanova have said to Maureen?"

Story #5: School Dinner: They're Coming After Your Potatoes

RUSH: They have started a school dinner program.  We've had mention of this on previous broadcasts.  From Washington: "Potato growers say the spud is being unfairly singled out by healthy food advocates. After a recommendation by the Institute of Medicine, the federal Women, Infants and Children program OK'd an interim rule that bars participants from buying potatoes with their federal dollars. Potatoes are the only vegetable not allowed. The institute, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, also has recommended that the U.S. Department of Agriculture-backed school lunch program limit use of potatoes." (interruption) You're saying, "Why potatoes?"  Because they're fattening, because they're fattening.  It's the same reason they're picking on sugared soft drinks and candy.  They're said to be fattening, and potatoes lead to french fries.  So first they came for your trans fat, nobody said anything.  Then they came after your salt, and nobody said anything.  Then they came after your Coke and Pepsi and 7-Up, and nobody said anything, and now they're coming after your potatoes. (interruption) Bread will be next, Snerdley. Bread will be next.  Guaranteed. 

Story #6: UK Woman Scolded for Feeding Ducks White Bread

RUSH: From the UK Daily Mail:  "A mother feeding the ducks with her two children was stunned when she was told off by a council warden -- for giving the birds 'unhealthy' white bread. Lisa Taplin, 34, was told by the park ranger to bring granary or wholemeal bread next time as it was better for the ducks.  The fluorescent-vest clad official said giving ducks white bread was tantamount to feeding her two sons chips with every meal, she said.  Mrs Taplin described the episode as crazy and said she walked away feeling both angry and guilty for apparently leaving the ducks malnourished."

First no more potatoes in the American public school system, essentially we're discriminating here against the Irish.  No more potatoes.  And everybody knows, it's not the potato that's bad, it's what you put on it.  A potato is 130 calories.  "Yeah, but Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh there's a lot of starch."  Well, you need starch.  "But Mr. Limbaugh, potatoes kill everybody, people who have eaten potatoes have all died, everybody knows this."  Right, okay.  So discriminating against the Irish, no potatoes in the school lunch program and now no white bread is permitted to be fed to ducks in public parks in the UK.

Story #7:
 Obama to Skip Sikh Shrine to Not Appear Muslim?

RUSH: I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago that Obama is getting outta town, getting outta the country two days after the election.  He's going to India, among other places.  One place he was gonna go is one of the country's most sacred shrines. He's not gonna go there now because it required to wear headgear in there, and the religion celebrated at this shrine is not Islam but it's close, you gotta wear a turban in there, and Obama is not going.  It's obvious he doesn't want pictures taken where he looks like a Muslim.  Okay.  Why not wear a yarmulke?  Just put on a yarmulke and go in there, your head is covered up and nobody's going to think he's a Jew.  That would be the way you could go there, put a yarmulke on, nobody's going to think he's Israeli or Jewish. He's very sensitive about this stuff here. 

"When a photo of then-Senator Obama dressed in a traditional white Kenyan turban was leaked by Hillary Clinton's rival campaign during the 2008 presidential election, Obama called the image a 'smear.'" Yeah, Hillary smeared Obama.  We've all seen that picture, he's wearing a turban.  "'To come to golden temple he needs to cover his head,' Dalmegh Singh, secretary of the committee that runs the temple told the paper. 'That is our tradition. It is their problem to cover the head with a Christian hat or a Muslim cap.'" Oh, you can't wear a yarmulke in there, okay.  So you gotta wear a Christian hat or Muslim cap, he doesn't want to do that.  (interruption)  I know there's no Christian hat.  What is a Christian hat?  "'We have no problems if he wears a skull cap, the kind that Muslims wear to the mosque -- or any other cap that is modified to something similar. But we don't allow baseball caps or Army hats,' Giani Gurbachan Singh, head priest of the temple told the Express." It's a Sikh temple.  They're not going in there because -- well, he doesn't want to wear anything on his head, he's not gonna go in there.  I guess it's deemed to be more trouble it's worth. 

Story #8: BP's Cash, Not the Oil Spill, Reshapes Gulf Coast

RUSH: Washington Post: "The oil has mostly disappeared. And in southern Louisiana, things are finally looking normal -- improbably, blessedly normal -- six months after the largest oil spill in U.S. history." We told you, by the way, this would be the case.  "But on a truly normal evening, Acy Cooper Jr. would be out shrimping. Instead, one recent night, he was staying home, as he has done more often these days." Acy, why are you staying home?  "Why? It don't pay me to do that when they're going to pay my claim anyway."  So Acy Cooper says, "Why should I go work when BP is paying me the same amount to not work in the form of damages?"  That's right. BP's money is altering the Gulf Coast, not the oil, BP's money.  "The company has been trying -- on federal orders -- to protect not just the water but the way of life there. But BP’s waterfall of cash has changed people's lives profoundly." They've created a bunch of welfare cases basically, typical redistribution of wealth, welfare cases.  Why work?  BP's paying me to sit home.  Acy Cooper is learning the Nancy Pelosi way of economics.  It's very easy to unlearn the work ethic, folks, it doesn't take much at all to learn how you don't have to work.

Story #9:
 Foreign Money: Soros Gives $1M to Media Matters

RUSH: So you want to talk a little foreign money in American politics?  George Soros has admitted to donating $1 million to Media Matters for America, which is -- they call it a left-wing media watchdog.  It's not that.  It's just a bunch of propagandists, and Soros, a foreigner, has admitted he donated a million dollars to Media Matters.  Now, it's stuff like that, that is going to generate even more turnout on Election Day.

Story #10:
 French Riot Over Two-Year Retirement Age Increase

RUSH: The rioting continues in France, ladies and gentlemen, all because of one thing, all because the retirement age has been raised to 62 from 60.  The retirement age raised two years is causing all the havoc.  They are afraid of the eroding social benefits in France in favor of American-style capitalism, and this is causing riots.  Now, what will cause riots in this country?  We will answer that tomorrow.  Hint: First word is "federal."

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