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September 20, 2011

We're No Longer Alone: Obama's Tax Lies Refuted Throughout Media
There is something happening out there, my friends.
AP: Are Rich Taxed Less Than Secretaries?
Brooks: Obama Rejects Obamaism
Obama's Not Interested in Jobs, He's Just Trying to Gin Up His Base

The Left Won't Allow Barack Obama to Take Down Liberalism
Rejected for the first time, his position is precarious.

Higher Taxes Do Not Raise Revenue in a Sustainable Way
President Obama said so himself back in 2009.
The Left's Math Makes No Sense
The rich pay their fair share. They pay for everything!
America's Problem is Democrats
All of our nation's problems are political. It's that simple.
Republicans Should be All Over Obama's Proposed Medicare Cuts
Some consultant is advising them not to attack Obama.
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» World Atlas Exaggerated Greenland Ice Loss Claim
» Miami Herald: Drilling Off Keys to Begin by December
» Obama Bill Makes New Protected Class: Unemployed
» 99ers: Long-Term Jobless Diss Obama's Jobs Plan
» CNN: Looking for Work? Unemployed Need Not Apply

Howard Dean Admits: Obamacare Will Kill Private Health Insurance
It's just as we said at the time. Socialized medicine.
Hillary for President? No Way!
Operation Chaos was a strategy, not an endorsement!
A Reformed Liberal Comes Home
This program and the Constitution served as a guide.
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