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September 19, 2011

Another Offensive Obama Speech:
The Warren Buffett Tax Hike Plan
His mission is to curtail liberty and confiscate property.
Obama's Tax Math Doesn't Add Up: His Goal is Revolution, Not Jobs

It's Time Democrats Pay Their Fair Share for the Mess They Created
Let's affix blame and demonize the real culprits.

Maybe the Rich Should Fight Back
It's never going to happen, because there's no winning.
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» EIB Network Adds FM to WMAL in Washington, DC
» DiFi Wants to Re-Raise Stolen Campaign Funds
» Two If By Tea Winners Called, New Promotion Coming

Clintonista Rumblings: Mark Penn Joins Carville in Obama Criticism
Another former Clinton employee rips the regime.
Clinton Man Mark Penn Tells Obama in 
The Huffington Post:
Don't Bring Back Class Warfare
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Airs Tuesday: Lesson Plan

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