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September 16, 2011

Obama Takes Tired Act to Bridge, As Poll Claims Public Blames GOP
Republicans have absolutely no reason to act defensive.
Ford Commercials Bash the Bailout

An actual owner, unscripted, on why he bought a Ford.
Carville Puts Voice to the Panic
James, do you think Obama's really unsatisfied?
Conservatives Must Stay Focused
The 2012 election is only one step in many needed.
California, Texas and Rick Perry
We can't afford to lose Texas like we've lost California
Thoughts on Bachmann and Palin
Bachmann's debate performance with Palin looming.

Gawker Says Bam's Depressed, as Dems Chatter About Replacing Him
The left is roiling as Obama loses control of Democrats.
Mayor Doomberg Predicts Riots
NYC nanny says economy will result in civil unrest.
Media Saddened by Solyndra Story
Twin lib concerns take a hit: Green energy and Obama.
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» Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming
» Congressman Tim Scott's One-Sentence Bill Passes
» Enviro-Wackos Worry That Gore's Hurting Movement

Caller IDs Jon Huntsman and Tom Ridge and Wins Free Two If By Tea
Amazing! Caller has heard of both of these guys.
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