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September 15, 2011

Obama: 153 Bridges Will Collapse
Name the bridges, sir. Don't hold motorists hostage.
Barry Goes Looking for Love,
But Doesn't Get Any from Carville
The president says "If you love me, you'll pass this bill," but Olivia Newton-John said it better in way back in 1972.
Carville: Obama Needs to Fire People 
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Thinks Your Money is Hers
She thinks you "don't deserve" to keep what you earn.
An Idea for Louie Gohmert's Bill: Moratorium on All Taxes for a Year
If anyone has the guts to propose this, it'll be Gohmert.

See, I Told You So: Obama Has Been Toxic for Dems Since 2009
Flashback to how this show opened on Nov. 4, 2009.
Boehner Playing Chess with Bam?
An analysis of what the Speaker may be up to here.
From Phony Greek Columns in 2008 to a Phony Jobs Bill in 2011
All of Obamaism is just an illusion. It's a big fraud.
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» AP: E-mails Show "Design Flaw" of Obamacare
» Obamacare Begins with "Enroll America" Campaign
» GOP House Passes Bill to Address Boeing Situation

A Tax Lesson for a 17 Year Old
Rush Baby wants an explanation of withholding.
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