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The Lessons of the NY-9 Election
Multiple political and cultural myths have been smashed.
Mitt Romney's Strange Answer
On his "conservative friends" and government mandates.
Even MSNBC Abandons Obama
Network lost interest in the same old Obama speech.

Regime Launches Tattletale Site
A forum to turn in fellow citizens who slander The One.
The Growing Solyndra Scandal
Intersection of arrogance, ideology and incompetence.

National Review: Solyndra in the Spotlight
Lester Has Hope & Change Deja Vu
Immigrant worked under Bush, is unemployed now.
Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page
» 2009: Gore Got $529 Million for Hybrid Car Scam
» Dem Consultant Urges Clients Not to Run in '12
» No Charges in Discovery of Body in Bay Area Yard
» Barry Sends Creepy E-Mail: Have Dinner with Me
» Gohmert Files Bill Using Obama's Bill's Name

Penguin Dies After Being Saved
The sad story of another lovable celebrity animal.
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