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Notes on the Republican Debate
GOP kingmaker's thoughts on an entertaining show.
Despite Baggage, Romney and Perry are Far Superior to Obama
Each has weaknesses that come with being a governor.
Did Michele Bachmann Jump the Shark by Suggesting HPV Vaccine Can Cause "Mental Retardation"?
She should have quit while she was ahead on this.

Bam Doesn't Want Jobs Bill to Pass
The American Jobs Act uses word "tax" 235 times.

• PDF of the Tax Bill: The American Jobs Act
Obamacare Must be Repealed Before the 2014 Changes Kick In
GOP must focus on this and not get distracted.

Turner: Obama's Strategy of Silence
17 Year Old Understands Left-
Wing Social Security Demagoguery
Calls like this keep us optimistic about America's future.
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» No New iPhone/iPad Operating System Until October?
» CNS on Ratio of Workers to Social Security Recipients
» Gibson Guitar Owner Targeted by Regime for Politics

The Headlines from Obamaville
Has Obama saved or created more poor people?

Rush's Morning Update
with Podcast Video

Airs Wednesday: It's Sad

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