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Little Barry Finally Has a Bill!
EIB Response to Jobs Speech: Shaft Parody
9/11: George W. Bush Stands Tall
The contrast between these two men is striking.
Repugnant Krugman: The Years of Shame
Trumka's Hate: A Day to Commit to Activism

Be Careful, Republicans, When Attacking Perry on Social Security
GOP candidates who jump all over this better watch out.
Kurtz: The Ponzi Scheme Claim, a History
Why NFL Ratings are Soaring
We crave what reminds us of America's strength.

Times Sounds Alarm on Obama: Liberal Ideology Hangs in Balance
Left tells Obama they'll do whatever it takes to win.
NYT: Dems Fret Aloud Over Obama’s Chances
Green Energy Does Not Work
Regime gives out another billion dollar solar grant.
SFC: SolarCity Gets $1B Federal Contract
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» Fast and Furious Guns Found at Another Crime Scene
» California Assembly Extends Hollywood Tax Credits
» MSNBC Labels No-Labels McKinnon as a Republican

Republican Field: It is What It is
The media will always focus on the front-runners.

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