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Barack Obama Has Not Failed
He's had profound success in destroying the economy.
Get Government Out of the Way!
Rush Baby: How Can I Do More?
Young caller advised on how he can make a difference.
Obama and the Democrats are
at War Against the Private Sector
Former GM CEO Bob Lutz knows what's really going on.
Flashback to Professor on a Plane:
Economic Stagnation Explained, at 30,000 Feet

Obama Didn't Hear Hoffa, Just Like He Never Heard Reverend Wright
The new White House spin: The president is deaf.
With Freedom Under Assault, We're Told We Must Moderate?
Response to common theme of GOP establishment.

Berkowitz: The Myth of Conservative Purity
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» US Falls to Fifth Ranked Economic Power
» Peyton Manning Officially Out for Opening Day
» Percentage Of Uninsured Grows After Obamacare

Hillary for Veep? Who Cares?
If the election were today, Obama loses in a landslide.
What is the Man-Child Thinking?
Will he try to save his presidency or please his base?
Rush's Morning Update
with Podcast Video

Airs Thursday: Dump!

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