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Obama: Single Greatest Jobs Destroyer in Modern US History
An infuriating national disgrace: No job growth in August.
The Regime Lowers Expectations
Now they say the speech won't present the whole plan.
If You Don't Know Him by Now...
Bush Years vs. Obama Years:
How Media Reported the Economy
They called it a recession when it wasn't, but won't now.

You Can Win Free Tea for a Year
You asked for another chance and TIBT delivered.

WH: "It's a Rush Limbaugh Thing"
The regime blames your host for the speech flap.

Politico: Roger Simon's Single-Source Story
Warning: Do Not Be Distracted from the Economy, Republicans
The left is trying to lure you into debates on other things.
Caller's Plea to Paul Ryan: Run!
The problem is, the man says he's not going to do it.
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» 3,000 Pairs of Panties Found on Ohio Highway
» John Fund Says Palin Won't Run, Will Endorse Perry
» TV Writer: Television No Longer Loves the Bamster

Joplin, Fast & Furious, and Apple
An Open Line Friday call on three different topics.
The Truth About Corporate Taxes
Miserable caller gets a stirring monologue in retort.
Rush's Morning Update
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Airs Monday: Hope!

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