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El Rushbo Runs the GOP (Again): Boehner Rejects and Obama Caves
They seem to think Speaker Boehner took our advice.
Caller's Friends Offended by Remark About Richard Wolffe
Robert in Phoenix defends your host and is rewarded.
Grand Slam Shelby Steele: Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism
WSJ: Shelby Steele on Obama's Worldview

A New Two If By Tea Promotion!
Find out how to win a year's supply of tea - and more.
Obama Should Apologize in His Joint Session Campaign Speech
No chance of that, though. He's doubling down.

The President's Dilemma
Does he pause economic destruction to get elected?
Andre Carson Should Stick with It
Backpedals on claim Tea Party wants to lynch blacks.
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» News Worsens: Unemployment Up in August
» Less Than a Third Approve of Obama on Economy
» Washington Times: Obama's Solar Stimulus Snafu
» Boehner Schedules Jobs Speech for September 15
» WI NBC Affiliate Says It'll Show Packers, Not Obama
» Carney Says Obama Speech Will End Pre-Kickoff

On the Brilliance of Steve Jobs

Some thoughts on the Apple founder's resignation.
Transcript: Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech '05
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Airs Friday: Bully For You!

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