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Countdown to Obama Jobs Speech
Media hyperventilates in anticipation of another speech.
Democrat Congressman Says
Tea Party Wants to Lynch Blacks
Pelosi Goes Nuts on the "Rich"
Crazy conspiracy theories from the former Speaker.
The Left is Petrified of Rick Perry
They'll always tell you who they fear. It's not Romney.

Boehner Should Reject Obama's Request for Joint Session Speech
Republicans must put Obama in his place on this.

Update: Boehner Rebuffs Obama Request
Fox News: Barack Obama Schedules Latest Jobs Speech on Same Night as Republican Debate
Obama Regime Targets Enemies
Is it really that simple? Yes, it's really that simple.
Another of Obama's Green Energy Scam Companies Goes Bankrupt
Obama touted Solyndra in 2010. Now they're belly up.
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» Obama Justice Blocks Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile
» Did Obama Steer Irene to the White State of Vermont?
» S&P Rates Subprime Loans Higher Than US Gov't
» IRS Figures: Where Have All the Millionaires Gone?
» Controversy Over ChiCom-Made MLK Monument
» WSJ: America Leads World in Paper Clip Production

Cambridge Adams Limbaugh
Already good potty training reports on the new puppy.

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