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Wild Guess: Obama to Propose $1.6T in New Stimulus Spending
Doubling down on failure in an attempt to buy votes.
Recycled: Obama Promised Post-Vacation Jobs Plan in 2010
Carney: We're "Fairly Confident" Hillary Won't Run Against Obama
Rumblings: From this show to the White House briefing!

Vice President Cheney Calls In
A remarkable half-hour conversation with a great man.
• Book: In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
Toobin Alerts the Left to Ratchet Up Attacks on Justice Thomas
Why liberals suddenly recognize his intellectual heft.
Toobin: The Thomases vs. Obamacare
Mead: Thomas and the Amendment of Doom
Green Jobs: Money Laundering Scam for Democrats and Unions
In Seattle, a $20 million grant spent to create 14 jobs.
Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Omar Arrested for DUI in Massachusetts
Why don't we ever hear anything about his relatives?
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» Black Leaders Turn Up Heat on Obama
» MLK Daughter on Lincoln and Her Daddy
» Fraud: Obama Didn't Ride Buses During Bus Tour
» Moochelle Spending Wild Money on Vacations
» From Dogs to Riches: Michael Vick Cashes In
» Fast and Furious: ATF Director Moved to New Job
» Megyn Kelly Interviews Affirmative-Action-for-Ugly Writer

Cambridge Adams Limbaugh
Introducing the newest member of the Limbaugh family.
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with Podcast Video

Airs Wednesday: Krueger's Nightmare

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