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Irene: A National Embarrassment
A lesson in modern media hype, templates and lies.
With Obama Slowdown Here to Stay, Regime Will Sling Dirt in 2012
They'll do anything they can to get the country roiling.
Scientists: Aliens May Destroy Humanity to Protect Themselves
Idiot earthlings pollute the universe; must be stopped.
UKG: Greenhouse Gases Could Tip Off Aliens
Uglo-American Affirmative Action?
The New York Times puts it out there and they're serious.
NY Times: Ugly? You May Have a Case
Powell Won't Abandon Obama
The model Republican sours on Bam? Don't buy it.

Programming Note: Vice President Dick Cheney will join the show tomorrow to discuss his new book.
Buy It: In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
We Can and Must Oppose Obama with Open, Honest Conservatism
Back in 2009, Bill Shatner asked, "How do you know?"
Politico: Jeb Bush Warns on Hitting Obama
Flashback: Shatner's Raw Nerve, Transcript & Video
White Guilt Propelled Obama in '08 and They Want to Gin It Up Again
They're starting to talk about Rush, Obama and race.
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» Algore: If You Oppose Global Warming, You're Racist.
» Obama Secretly Executes Backdoor Amnesty
» Maxine Waters Tells the Tea Party to Go to Hell
»Only 17% Hold Positive View of Federal Government
» Byron York: Entitlement Spending Isn't the Problem
» Old Playbook: Politico Asks, "Is Rick Perry Dumb?"
» Obama Uses Two Prompters for Three Minute Speech
» A Weather System of Color: Tropical Storm Jose

Limbaughs to Welcome New Puppy
We're awaiting the arrival of Cambridge Limbaugh.
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Airs Tuesday: Solution Easy

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