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Tweet of the Day, a Real Zinger

The Latest from Rush...
Black Democrats Know Obama Takes Their Voters for Granted
The Robert B. Reich-h-h-h Plan
Former labor secretary has no shortage of leftist ideas.
A Report from Obama's Bus Tour
Depressed caller hears two teachers discuss Obama.
Bam Says Waffles, Not Wyffels
Most companies he visits go belly up soon thereafter.
Rev. Jackson Gets in on the Action
Says Obama sailed the ship of state into an iceberg.

The Latest from Rush...
Bam Vacations as Economy Tanks
Market sinks again as president leaves for the Vineyard.
The Public Sector Union Debate
Why should your neighbors pay for your health care?
The Dawning: Ideology Matters
Apolitical types suddenly scared to death for the country.
Obama to Propose New Stimulus in Lame Attempt to Set Up Campaign
After GOP rejects it, he'll claim it would've saved us.

How the Obamacare Bill Passed
It's recent history, but don't forget how it happened.
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» Paul Backer's Ad: Have You Had Sex with Rick Perry?
» Republicans Scared of Perry Beg Paul Ryan to Run
» Bus Tour Bust: Obama Back at 39% Approval
» UK Daily Mail: 1 in 5 US Children Live in Poverty
» Payback: Regime Investigates the "Secretive" S&P
» Real Housewives Husband in Apparent Suicide

The Latest from Rush...
Fast and Furious Plan Went Awry
A theory on what the regime was really trying to do.
Let's Talk About Fairness
Liberals demand "shared sacrifice" for their stupidity.
Will Trump Screw Everything Up?
He's threatening a third party run, but don't panic, folks.
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