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This is a Very Dangerous Time:
Socialized Health Care is Not Dead
Democrats Face Informed Citizens;
Obama Doesn't Know What's in Bill
Citizens fire questions at Obama and the Democrats.
YouTube: Sebelius Shouted Down in Louisiana
WUSA: Cardin Scolded by Voter in Maryland
RCP: Obama "Not Familiar" With Key Provision
What Has Obama Done for Us?
A caller whose husband lost his job asks the question.
Barney Frank Can't Find a Villain!
An EIB Parody Classic: The Banking Queen

White House Comes Unhinged:
It's All About Him -- and He's Lying
The plan can't stand on its own. Obama can't sell it.

AFP: Healthcare Battle "Isn't About Me"
Dastardly Obamacare Plan Seeks Government Control of Life, Death
Obamacare targets the elderly, as well as the unborn.
NYT: Bill Might Direct Tax Money to Abortion
AT: Gov't "Counselors" on End-Life Treatment
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» Obama Approval Tracking Lower Than Jimmy Carter
» Lib Claims on Health Care Savings Can Be Hazardous
» Obama Can't Figure Out How to Close Club Gitmo
» Property Values Down, Palm Beach Raises Taxes

A Doctor Calls to Tout Tort Reform
It is the solution, but lawyers will never let it happen
State-Run Media Struggles with President Obama's Slip in the Polls
They're trying to make excuses for their Messiah.
GOP Discovers the Word "Fail"
When Rush said it, it was a national emergency.
Whoopi Questions Moon Landing
More proof that the gals on The View are real kooks.
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