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Mrs. Clinton is in All Ways Tired
Daily: Obama Pushes Clinton Over the Edge
Japan's Nuclear Crisis is Serious, But Media Coverage is Ludicrous
Bananas have more radiation than will hit California!
Nuclear Energy Institute for Non-Hyped News:
Information on Earthquake and Reactors in Japan
Donald Trump on His Own Money and Barack Obama's Place of Birth
Trump wades into the waters of Obama's birth certificate.
Obama Promised He'd Put on a Cape and Make the Oceans Recede
A quick audio flashback for our pal Juan Williams of Fox.

What Worries the Maha Rushie?
Thoughts on empathy, sympathy and irreverent humor.
The Women of America Have the
Long Knives Out for Sarah Palin
A poll says independent voters prefer Charlie Sheen!
USA Today: Sarah Palin vs. Charlie Sheen
Explaining Obama's Inaction as Leader of the Indispensible Nation
The world looks to a president who just isn't there.

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» Another Pulitzer Prize Winner Caught Plagiarizing
» On Eve of Rio Weekend, O'Bama Plans Ireland Trip
» NYT: Walking Dog Meets Federal Exercise Criteria
» Crisis-Mongers: 'Supermoon' May Cause Moonquakes
» US House Votes to Bar Federal Funding to NPR
» E-Cigarette Recommendations from El Rushbo
» No Questions After Obama's Statement on Japan

Jay Carney is Completely Clueless
Obama doesn't bother to meet with his press secretary.
Who Called Jimmy Carter a Wimp?
Comments like this one come in on Open Line Stupid.
Ledeen: What Would a Desperate Wimp Do?
Rush's Morning Update
with Podcast Video

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