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February 2, 2011
Story #1: Rush Sees Shadow, Means 6 More Weeks of Civility

RUSH: Groundhog Day today, February 2nd.  I just want to let you know I saw my shadow when I got up, which means that you are going to have to endure six more weeks of civility on this program. (laughing)

Story #2: Hutch, Steelers to Ring in on Super Bowl Line Friday

RUSH: The Super Bowl's getting closer.  The Hutch wants to come on the program on Friday for our annual discussion of the game.  Also on Friday we're going to have a couple of Pittsburgh Steelers join us to discuss the game and possibly some others. 

Story #3: Heritage Video: Celebrate Reagan's 100th Birthday

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, one president in the last 30 years proudly associated himself with the Heritage Foundation. Not only one, but the one that was open and proud about it was Ronaldus Magnus. Ronald Reagan, the same man whose 100th birthday is being celebrated this month.  Now you can understand why Heritage Foundation's been giving all sorts of tributes to honor Reagan.  He openly and proudly spoke of their relationship.  He praised all that Heritage has done for conservatives in America.  He welcomed them into policy discussions at the White House.  And today there's another example of this relationship.  Heritage produced and posted a great video honoring Reagan for some of his work, accomplishments that you might expect from a true leader -- like expanding our economy by more than 30%. 

Look at the contrast.  Ronaldus Magnus, expanding our economy 30%.  We have a contracting economy.  And there are certain elements in this country who think that's what we need to protect the planet.  That's what we need to guard against greenhouse gas emissions, that's what we need, a contracting economy.  We have a president presiding over the decline of America in many ways.  Heritage documents Reagan's achievements, not just expanding the economy by 30%, cutting interest rates in half, cutting inflation by two-thirds during his presidency, reducing unemployment to the lowest levels in 15 years.  This happened during the Reagan administration, which is why the left hates him.  Oh, they invoke him when they need to get reelected, as Obama is doing now.  A lot of reasons for paying tribute to Ronald Reagan, and who better than the Heritage Foundation.  It was his favorite think tank in Washington.  This month in honor of Ronaldus Magnus, make yourself a member of Heritage, just as the Gipper was for many years.  And you do that by going to today. 

Story #4: BHO Mandates Health Insurance; SD Mandates Guns

RUSH: "Lawmakers in South Dakota have proposed a bill that would require all adults to own guns, a measure intended as a protest against the individual mandate for health insurance."  Everybody must own a gun in South Dakota. You can do it for health care, why not guns?  I love it.  Go for it.

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