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Rush Limbaugh Weekender Pac

Part of the American dream, Folks, is of course that this is the land of opportunity. There’s absolutely something for everyone, when it comes to that big ‘ole red-white-and-blue pie known as the USA. Nowhere will that be clearer than at your Fourth of July barbecue bash when you make the incredibly wise decision to grill up the Rush Limbaugh Weekender Pac from our friends at Allen Brothers, which is a special combination just for EIB Network listeners of the country’s finest meat that Rush proclaims, “Indescribably delicious!”

The variety of the power PAC means guests, no matter what their constituency, will be pleased when they taste your plump products hot off the grill. And, you, too, are certain to be delighted by the value and convenience of this outstanding offer. Be sure to order ahead; it requires just a second and ensures success. Take a look at the tantalizing treats Allen Brothers bundles up especially for your barbecuing pleasure:
• Wagyu Steak Burgers (8 burgers, 8 ounces each): It may be amazing America’s birthday we’re celebrating, but Friends, this is nothing less than the world’s finest hamburger. It is made from 100 percent pure hand-select Wagyu ground beef, which is from a select breed of cattle on an exclusive feed for more than 600 days!
Great grilling is beyond simple, since the patties are ready-made and individually packaged. The superior quality of the USDA prime Wagyu beef and Allen Brothers flash-freezing ensure that the patties are absolutely as juicy and tender as ground beef you might mix up at home along with your own ingredients, only even more convenient!
• The Great Steakhouse Steak Dogs (8 jumbo steak dogs, 4 ounces each): With a firm, juicy bite, bold flavor, and a lightly smoked aroma, all-beef Steak Dogs are in a class by themselves. Each perfectly seasoned Chicago-style wiener is enclosed in a natural pork casing and is precooked, so all you have to do is heat and serve.
• EIB-Allen Brothers Chef’s Apron: Grill in style with a sleek adjustable black denim apron including pocket. Proudly proclaim your allegiance by sporting the dynamically designed, exclusive EIB-Allen Brothers logo.
There you have it, Friends, take a minute on the phone ahead of time with Allen Brothers to order the premium assortment Rush Limbaugh Weekender PAC, selected with extreme care just for EIB Network listeners, and reap Fourth of July party rewards as explosive as the best fireworks display anywhere!
Plan Ahead For “Fourth of July Week”

Rush undoubtedly hands-down and without question is most likely your favorite radio host. But “rush” should absolutely, positively not be your behavior when it comes to your Fourth of July grilling party plans! Plan ahead, Friends. It’s almost beyond calculation how far that personal philosophy will get you:
• First and foremost, let’s all be on the same platform when it comes to this essential point: This isn’t just Fourth of July, this is Fourth of July Week! Of course, this means more fun for your family and friends than just celebrating on the Wednesday that is the Fourth, but also means you should order your magnificent meat to grill from our favorites Allen Brothers (only the finest in the country that always exceeds USDA standards!) well ahead of time. Celebrating for many begins Saturday, June 30 and the last firework may not explode until Sunday, July 8! That’s even longer than most candidates party after a sweeping victory!
• In between your everyday wheeling and dealing, take a few seconds to navigate over to the Allen Brothers’ website well before the holiday week begins. Talk about easy shopping, complete with delicious descriptions, for the highest-quality grilling meats (steaks, burgers, even the world’s finest steak dogs) on the planet! Ditch the heavy cart and hours spent spinning around supermarket aisles that are more like mazes, just point-and-click for a second or two, or give the fine folks a quick phone call, and your shopping is done. Let the festivities begin --- surpass all your peers when it comes to being prepared!
• Lend an ear, Friend, and let’s be agonizingly honest: We know the days leading up to and just following Fourth of July --- especially when it lands midweek on hump day Wednesday as it does this year --- aren’t exactly the most productive at work. That’s why so many people vacate and take vacation then. If that’s you, as it rightly should be, you will undoubtedly be responsible and send everyone emails clueing them into your plans and what work needs to get done while you are out getting relaxed and refreshed. Do the same when it comes to your holiday barbecuing bash and all the great grilling meals for the wondrous week. Jot a few notes to yourself and your executive team (Jr., Sis, ultra-helpful husband, etc.) Just a little chicken scratch, literally a few minutes worth, and you can plan what you will need to have on hand for the best grilling ever.
    And, remember, unparalleled Allen Brothers hand-selects every piece of tender and juicy meat for your grill. Less than 2 percent of the country’s beef is good enough to be declared USDA Prime, and every selection of Allen Brothers beats those quality standards hands-down. This rare quality is all available well ahead of your Fourth of July party with just a click on your computer or a dial of your phone. Fellow EIB Network aficionado, bet you couldn’t agree America couldn’t ask for a better birthday barbecue gift than that!

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